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Model: AK Interactive AK 2929
Kod producenta: AK2929
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Producent: AK Interactive

AK Interactive AK 2929 ACES HIGH 14: TWIN-ENGINE WARRIORS (English)

Czasopismo modelarskie w języku angielskim.

80 pages,  English & Spanish language.

Issue 14 of Aces High takes us into the world of twin-engine aircraft. It’s a pleasure to see the world’s best modellers building and painting some of the most mythical WWII aircraft, which are rarely seen in other international magazines.

  • Includes:
  • P1Y1 Ginga
  • PE-2 Peshka
  • DH.98 Mosquito
  • B-25J Mitchell
  • Me 410 Hornisse

These aircraft are really attractive for modellers due their designs and looks. Like always this issue of Aces High is full of tricks and techniques from which you can learn and enjoy the hobby even more.

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