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Model: Vertigo VMP007
Kod producenta: Ammo of Mig VMP007
Waga produktu: 0.4 kg
Sprzedanych produktów: 3
Producent: Vertigo

Vertigo VMP007 Plastic stand & transport jig EVO 3224

   Plastic stand for classic airplanes building & transport. Plastic parts, very easy to build. They are useful for getting wings and things lined up, rigging, general working on models and keeping them safe while transporting. Highly recommended to all modelers.


  • Stronger base and construction
  • Precision calibrations
  • Easy assembling
  • Anti-skid base with silicon rubber legs
  • With full stand geometry supports
  • Supports have wings profile
  • Clamping for work on the side of the model - hands free
  • Minimal glue required
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