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Model: Zero Paints 4032
Kod producenta: 4032
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Producent: Zero Paints

Zero Paints 4032 Green / Purple - Chromatic (Chameleon) 15ML

We have tried our best to capture all the colour shifts in our pictures but the photos really don't do this colour justice, they really are amazing. 
We always recommend flip paints be used over black as this give the most dramatic colour shift however lighter undercoat colours can be used for a more iridescent effect. 

How to apply
Please allow each single coat 5-20mins flash off time (drying to a dull finish) before applying next coat 
Prepare the job in the same way you normally would - prime, sand etc
Stage 1 - Apply black basecoat 2-3 coats (ZP-1017 is perfect)
Stage 2 - Apply flip colour 2-3 coats to achieve desired effect in light coat, very little is required (15ml will cover 1-2 1:24 Cars)
Stage 3 - Apply clear coat lacquer 2-3 coats

All Zero Paints dry matt and require clearcoating unless otherwise specified
Application Notes :
Zero Paints are pre-thinned for Airbrush use. Shake container until paint is thoroughly mixed. Spray at 15 - 40 psi,
3 - 4 medium cross coats are recommended. Air drying at 20°C Dust-free: 5 – 10 mins, Tack-free: 20 - 30 mins.  
For additional thinning use Basecoat Thinners.

Which Airbrush Cleaner should I use ?
You can use either use Zero Paints Airbrush Cleaner or Basecoat Thinners, alternatively any thinners that contain Toluene should work, but it's best to test first.

DO NOT use White Spirt or Acrylic Thinners, they are not suitable.

Harmful by inhalation. Irritating to eyes. Keep away from sources of ignition. NO SMOKING. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Wear suitable gloves. Use in a well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children.