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Model: Hobby Boss 84507
Kod producenta: 84507
Waga produktu: 1.1 kg
Realizacja zamówienia: 24 godzin
Sprzedanych produktów: 1
EAN: 6939319245076
Producent: Hobby Boss

Hobby Boss 84507 Lvkv 9040 Anti-Air Vehicle 1/35

Plastikowy model czołgu do sklejania. Nie zawiera Kleju ani farby. 

In the middle of the '80s Hugglunds started the development of a new family of Combat Vehicles called Combat Vehicle 90 for the Swedish Army. Five prototypes were delivered in 1988 and were tested during extensive trials for three years. In March 1991, the Swedish Army placed the first series production order for the Swedish Combat Vehicle 90 Family. The first deliveries started in 1993, and now over 500 CV90's have been delivered to the Swedish Army, with final delivery in 2002

    CV9040 is in service with the Swedish Army. It carries an eight men section is designed to defeat other armoured vehicles and ground troops. It is fitted with a Bofors 40 mm cannon. The CV9040 is primarily deployed with the Main Battle Tank in the Swedish Mechanised Brigades. The CV9040C has stabilised turret.

Item No     84507
Item Name     Lvkv 9040 Anti-Air Vehicle
Bar Code     6939319245076
Scale     1:35
Item Type     Plastic Model Armor Kit
Model Dimension     Length: 195.4mm   Width: 91.6mm 
Total Plastic Parts     250+
Total Sprues     21 sprues , lower hull , upper hull and turret 
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