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SM.01 Fish Submarine By Michael Rinaldi
Rinaldi Studio Press
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Realizacja zamówienia: 24 godzin

Producent: Rinaldi Studio Press

Model: TankArt SM.01

Kod producenta: TankArt SM.01

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TankArt 4 German Armor Rinaldi Studio


TankArt SM.02 S-65 Tractor Painting Technique Book By Michael Rinaldi



model do sklejaniamodel do sklejania
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SM.01 Fish Submarine By Michael Rinaldi

Książka - poradnik modelarski. Bogato ilustrowana. Książka w języku angielskim.

The series launch book, first in a brand new LIMITED EDITION scale modeling book series from RSP and the makers of the TANKART books. 
Smaller, lighter and faster...yet no less packed with comprehensive conversations on the How and the Why of each step of the modeling process. 
All-new graphic design maximizes image size and allows for clean open layouts that focus the viewer on the work involved thought each page. The all-new SM Series -- (Single Model).

SM.01 Fish Submarine is an ideal starting point to illustrate this concept because the model is defined by its turn-of-the-20th Century styling,
yet the author has created the paint job using a more contemporary science fiction based camo scheme that produces a wholly original result.

6.5" x 7.5" SM.01 is 96-page softcover, perfect bound. Linen cover stock, and environment friendly 30% PCW uncoated paper stock help create a cool and very unique
presentation with tons of tactile feel and style. Nothing else quite like it in the hobby!